Lake Stats

Eagle Lake is a head lake – meaning the lake is at the beginning of the waterway system and is not fed by nearby rivers or streams. The lake enjoys minimal water level fluctuations (compared to surrounding bodies of water) and water levels tend to rise and fall less than four feet annually.

  • Co-ordinates:  Lat. 45° 49′ 58″    Long.  79° 30′ 02″
  • Surface Area: 990 ha  (2447 acres)
  • Max. Depth:  21.9 m  (72′)
  • Average Depth: 6 m (20′)
  • Perimeter:  44.4 km. (27.8 miles)


Virtual Boat Tour of Eagle Lake

Check out the eCottagefilms virtual boat tour of the lake. This tour featured a slow-motion scan of all shorelines divided by region. Share the beauty of the lake with friends and family or provide the link to potential renters.