The Eagle Lake Conservation Association has continually acted as a watchdog for those who use Eagle Lake. The projects and activities benefit members and non-members alike.

Membership Benefits

  • Lake Markers for Boat Safety
  • Cottage Watch Program
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Lake Stewardship Projects
  • Annual Picnic
  • 3 Newsletters per Year
  • FOCA Representation
  • Annual General Meeting

And, membership fees are the some of the lowest in the region for comparable associations!

Membership Guidelines

All owners of real estate fronting on Eagle Lake or within the watershed of Eagle Lake are eligible for voting membership on payment of an annual membership fee, subject to the following:
  1. Each membership shall entitle 2 members to vote at the Annual General Meeting or other meeting of the Association. The first voting member shall be the registered property owner and the second shall be a relative of the owner, so designated by the owner on the membership form.
  2. No one person shall be entitled to more than one vote, even if that person owns multiple properties.
  3. No one property shall be entitled to more than 2 voting members..

If you have not done so already, please take this opportunity to join the Eagle Lake Conservation Association, or to renew your membership for this year. If your neighbours are not members, please encourage them to join and participate in an association which has the primary purpose of ensuring that we all continue to have a healthy lake environment to enjoy.

Become a Member Today!

At the 2016 Annual General Meeting the membership approved an increase to the annual fee so that it will increase from $20.00 to $25.00 for a single year. The annual fee has remained constant for decades as the Board of Directors sought alternate revenue sources to offset increased costs for items such as insurance, printing and postage, rope, and replacement of marker buoys. These efforts included selling advertising for the newsletter and the creation of an Eagle Lake calendar. At this point, we require a modest fee increase to ensure we continue to maintain our fiscal balance.

While most members renew on an annual basis through the mail or before the AGM, there are still some who need to be reminded either by mail or through door to door canvassing, which has been conducted by our volunteers for the past few years. This is a time consuming task that we would like to minimize if possible. One common experience was to meet residents who thought their membership was up to date when, in fact, it had lapsed.

To that purpose the vote taken during the AGM also approved a discount for those joining for a longer term. A three year membership can be acquired for $70. and a five year membership costs $100. It is our expectation that encouraging longer term memberships will reduce our costs for administration and generate savings in expenditures of both time and money.

Help drive the mission of the association for only $25 per year. Please complete the 2017-membership-form attached. Membership fees are due annually in January.