The ELCA hosts event each season to bring together the association members
on the lake.



Thank you to our local firefighters for participating in the event!

Each spring the ELCA hosts an annual litter pick-up to assist in beautifying our lake area to prepare for the upcoming summer season.


The right tools for the job!

This year marked the 5th annual event. It was a bit of an overcast day, but a team of 20 volunteers met at The Narrows bridge area where our ELCA tent was set up.


Our volunteers who spent the morning helping to make our lake summer-ready

The landfill staff even came out with a truck and picked up the garbage our volunteers had collected. As successful as this event was, we must all remember that keeping our lake area clean and free from litter all year round is our primary goal. Thank you one and all for coming out to support our lake community.

See this post for all photos.


Hosted by the Board of Directors each year, this meeting is open to all association members and provides valuable updates on the projects of the ELCA. Members are welcome to discuss concerns and collaborate on ideas for future conservation efforts. Special guests often include the local mayor and other council members.