Septic System Tests

Pollution from leaking septic systems is a serious threat to Eagle Lake. The water in the lake is not quickly regenerated – the lake itself has a slow flush.

In 2001 the ELCA purchased and distributed dye tablets to every residence on the lake, including those who are not members of the ELCA. Flushing these tablets in the toilet and doing a visual check outside for signs of the dye would indicate if the septic system was leaking. As a result of the focus on septic systems, many cottagers had their septic tanks checked and cleaned out that year.

Regular maintenance and proper use will help to ensure that your septic system continues to function properly.

Some properties on the lake use holding tanks instead of a septic system and it is important to remember these tanks can develop leaks over time.

If you concerned about your septic system or holding tank, contact the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Association. This organization has the mandate and expertise to conduct tests to determine if there are any problems. Check out this two-page summary on NBMCA Caring for your septic system for further insight. is pleased to introduce to you Ontario’s first septic system database that can provide current and up-to-date information pertaining to property that has an onsite (septic) wastewater system.

As per the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations, mandate is also “To protect thriving and sustainable waterfronts across Ontario”. With the current mandatory inspections under the Source Water Protection Act for areas that provide source water, it is important to know the condition of existing septic systems. These areas include source wells, lakes and tributaries that feed into those lakes. Knowing the condition of the septic system for cottage owners is very important when drawing water off your lake to use in your residence.

The benefit to your lake association members for this service will provide the information regarding their septic systems will always be available through our secure online database with no personal information being shared. will facilitate an inspection by a certified inspector who is licensed by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs. We then complete the secure online database report and make it available to the property owner.

The easy to read reports are provided in four sections;

Property Information – Includes the location of your property and the location of the septic system in relation to any other structure on the property

Dwelling Information – Includes the number of plumbing fixtures, (sinks, bathrooms, laundry, dishwasher), total square footage and number of bedrooms

Septic System Information – Includes age of the system, location of components, water level, tank information, and style of the system – conventional or one that uses technology

Results Report – Summarizes the status of the septic system and identifies any current and future issues that may require attention

The database system will also automatically send an email reminder to property owners when their system is due for yearly maintenance, a reminder for pump outs and when to clean their effluent filter.