Cottage Resources (FOCA)


The Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations is a non-profit, voluntary organization serving as an information centre and providing assistance and leadership to fellow cottagers. For over 50 years, the association has acted as the provincial voice for Ontario’s cottage country and over 200,000 members. FOCA acts as an information bridge between policy-makers and property owners on significant issues, including:

  • The long-term environmental integrity of Ontario’s freshwater resources
  • Fair property taxation
  • Effective land use planning
  • Risk management for volunteer groups
  • Rural safety and emergency preparedness in the face of extreme weather developments in recent years

As a member of the ELCA, you are automatically a member of FOCA and can take advantage of various benefits including:

  • Insurance discounts for your property
  • Special promotion codes for Cottage Life and Boats & Places magazines
  • Membership discounts for Canadian Canoe Museum
  • Automatic email updates to keep you in the loop of new activities
  • Published newsletters and annual updates
    • The latest edition includes information on the Dorset Environmental Science Centre, updates on invasive species and information on using renewable energy

FOCA publishes informational articles that provide valuable tools and tips to conserve the beauty of cottage country. See the example below about the impact of climate change for lakes in Ontario.

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