IMG_0127Here is hoping everyone had a very Happy Easter! For those of you who have not made it up to the cottage in the last few weeks, the snow is practically gone! In the last six days, we have seen the ice on the lake recede considerably from shore at the Narrows and the southern basin. This past weekend we officially entered spring as the last of the ice on the lake melted.

The ELCA is looking forward to spring. We are also looking forward to our Annual Litter pick up on Saturday, May 6th, 2017. Join us at the Narrows at 9am to participate in this event. Expect to get an assigned pick-up area, pair up with a friend, grab a set of garbage bags and head off to clean up our community for summer. Please remember to bring a pair of work gloves. This is also a great event for students looking for community service hours as well as the Board of the ELCA can sign off on hours!

Afterwards join us back at the Narrows for a light lunch and refreshments. In the meantime, let’s all hope for good weather.

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