Many of you may have received a form letter from Hydro One dated November 2015 to Dear Resident, regarding their Vegetation Maintenance Program.

In this letter they inform us that they are planning to complete right-of-way vegetation maintenance in our community in 2016. The use of “Garlon RTU may be selectively applied to control the re-growth of vegetation.” This is a herbicide. There is no guarantee that it will not leach into our lake. Many of us draw water from the lake. Also of concern should be the possible toxic contamination to organisms/ fish, aquatic plants in Eagle Lake.

Machar Township received the same letter from Hydro One to Dear Resident. The Township took action and passed a resolution refusing permission for Hydro One to apply Garlon RTU “as this vegetation killer could be highly toxic to fish and aquatic animals, other animals, birds, water and wetlands.” Also, the Township requested that ” the manual method used to brush be the least destructive to the natural environment and the creatures that inhabit it.”

The ELCA discussed this at our Board of Director’s Meeting on February 20, and we are encouraging all our members and residents to voice their concerns to Hydro One. Other Conservation/Cottage Associations, eg. in Haliburton, have taken similar action. For those that received the letter, there is a cut off portion on the bottom of the letter where you can write comments. A business reply envelope is provided by Hydro One.

For those of you who did not receive this letter, or have misplaced it you can email Patricia Guy , Area Forestry Technician , Hydro One Forestry Services at with your concerns. The message received from Pat reads “each property owner will be given the opportunity to speak concerning their own property as to herbicide use.” 

Take the time to protect our lake from potentially harmful chemicals and email Pat to request your property be exempt from Garlon RTU application.



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